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Why mums need those girls weekends

Once you’re married and have children, those fun girls weekends you used to have so regularly, are now few and far between.

In order to keep in touch with your girlfriends, this could be the thing you need.

Still need convincing? Think about these:

Getting away from routine

Even changing the routine of music in the car from Frozen, to something you ACTUALLY want to listen too. Getting out of your normal routine of bedtimes, planning dinners, and the multiple sports you have to spend your day doing, you are able to relax, remember what a normal conversation is and enjoy time with some of your best friends.

As you sip on that glass of wine, or eat indulgent food you would never have before, you are able to recharge, and not worry about planning for atleast a day.

Maintain Friendships

We have all been through it, the drifting apart from friends. It’s not something that we mean to do, life just happens.
By taking a weekend, or atleast a night off to catch up with friends can really re-energize a friendship. Friends will always be part of who you are, and often bring the best out in you.

Taking to much time in between having proper conversations and spending time with girlfriends means you could miss major life events and important conversations.

Most importantly though, Friendships need fun!


Not only do you appreciate your friends for the many years of friendships, the weekend just passed or for never leaving your side, but you appreciate what you have at home. Time away can make you forget about the stress of work, money and family and start to re appreciate what you have.

Adelaide Shores is the perfect beachside, relaxing accommodation to host your girls weekend. With the perfect location, and being within close proximity to Glenelg, Henley Beach and winery regions around Adelaide.

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