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Travelling during the school term

There is a lot of debate about travelling during the school term. Parents may chose to do this due to cost, holidays not matching up with their leave, family bonding or wanting to teach the kids things outside the classroom!

There is ways that you can better prepare for a trip during the school term to reduce the impact on your children.

1. Co ordinate with the School

This can include asking teachers if there are any events or important dates that your children cannot be away for. Another good idea is to sit down with your child’s teacher and ask for any homework that you can take with you. This may not impress the kids, but help them to not fall behind in class. If your travel is for a long period of time, this step is vital!

2. Don’t make it all about homework

The last thing you want is for your kids to remember the holidays being about mum and dad making us do homework. Maybe sit down with your kids and set a schedule and encourage them to read in the car or at night, and allocate 1 hour every few days to do homework. Make sure you sit with your kids during this time and not sit and watch TV etc. This will not help to motivate them. The rest of the time, get out and enjoy quality family time and the environment

3. Take items to help with learning.

They may not realize its helping them learn, but encourage kids to keep a journal of their time away, or send postcards to grandparents or teachers. This will help them learn and remember experiences had with the family, outdoors and things they have learnt not in the classroom. This will help when returning back to school as there may be an opportunity for show and tell for younger kids, along with sitting down with the teacher to discuss the homework.

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