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Top Health Reasons to get away

Think you need a holiday? That’s because you probably do. Holidaying is an important part of life… and for your health. Trust us!!

  • Reset your mindset

Think back to your last holiday.. did you notice that escaping from your usual daily grind had you feeling relaxed and refreshed. This is because breaking routine and escaping reality for that little period of time, works wonders for your mindset and general well-being. A break allows your body and mind to recharge from the stresses of your working and personal life. Although a 6 month holiday is everyone’s dream, a quick few days away could be all you need to get back into the swing of things

  • Bonding with your family 

We all remember the holidays we went out with our family  when we were younger, so why not create those memories for your kids. Every family needs that holiday to not only help the parents get away from work, but also create family memories. Just think: holiday cabin or caravan, nightly board games, fun outings, and the kids putting down the technology. This is why a caravan is such a popular family holiday destination… there is so many facilities for the kids to explore and play on ( all while exhausting them) while the parents can watch on and relax, usually with a drink and a book. 

  • Help you sleep better

Going to bed without needing to set an alarm… that’s the dream! Unless you have booked a tour or activity for early morning, there’s really no reason to worry about getting up at 6am, unless the kids are to excited to stay asleep. 

  • Getting in touch with the outdoors

When you are at home, you may spend most of your time indoors. Work, chores, couch time. Holidaying allows you to spend most of your time outdoors, soaking in all of the Vitamin D and getting back to nature. Adelaide has many walking tracks, beaches, wineries and outdoor activities that you can choose from each day.

Think you need a health re-setting holiday after reading this list… we are here to help. Book your next holiday at BIG4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park or Adelaide Shores Resort.


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