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Top BBQ tips for Australia Day success!

  1. Perfect your steak skills

There are two keys to cooking the perfect steak on Australia Day. Number one is to bring the steak to room temperature before cooking and cook on a preheated BBQ. Number two is to only turn it once! No need to poke or prod until all the juices come out, leave it be and let that delicious caramelised crust form.

  1. Let your meat rest

This will ensure your meat stays lovely & juicy on the inside.

  1. Make friends with salad

Vegies don’t need to be boring, it just takes a bit of thinking outside the square! Think about adding seasonings to your barbequed corn, onions, tomato or capsicum, such as curry powder, paprika, Moroccan spice or even just a stock cube if you’ve got one handy! To give your garden salad a bit of extra flavour, add some grilled halloumi cheese.

  1. Try something different

The flavour dynamic a BBQ brings is completely different to other methods of cooking. Some things you might not have tried on a BBQ before that work a treat:

  • Capsicum eggs: the capsicum works as an edible egg ring! Simply take a 3cm slice out of the middle of a capsicum, place on the BBQ & crack an egg into the centre.
  • Not keen on red meat? Try tuna steaks or calamari with lemon (just don’t leave them on too long). Tuna steaks are perfect sprinkled with some dukkah.
  • Bananas & pineapples: They caramelize beautifully on the barbie! For a South Australian twist to your bananas, keep the skin on and cut a slit down the banana longways, pop in some Fruchocs, wrap in foil & place on the BBQ! You won’t regret it.

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