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Surviving the bad weather

If you have been in Adelaide over the past month, each of you would have experienced the bad weather we have endured, especially if you are on holidays.

Setting up a tent, parking a caravan, or bringing all your belongings from the car to the cabin can be mission impossible in the wind and rain, so we have thought of some of the best tips to try and make life a bit easier if you do experience some crazy weather.

1/ Practice

Could you imagine learning to put up the tent or reverse a new caravan into your space without knowing exactly what to do and its terrible weather? You would have a pretty hard time! Why not practice putting up the tent and making sure you have all the equipment required before you leave. This will be important if there is heavy winds predicted. If you are staying in a cabin, put all the important items you need at the back of the boot so they are easy to access when you arrive.

2/ Waterproof

Make sure you have somewhere to put all of your most important possessions in waterproof containers or bags. You may also need a warm waterproof jacket.

3/Indoor Activities

You’ve looked at the weather report and you’re planned outdoor activities may not work for you and your family. Why not find some indoor activities around Adelaide. Brave the elements and head to places such as Beachouse, Bounce, Marion Shopping Centre, Museums or Art Galleries. Adelaide has a large amount of indoor activities that can entertain people of all ages.


If camping or caravaning in this weather isn’t working for you, contact us to upgrade to a cabin for the night. It will be a lot warmer and dryer than braving the elements. Head to reception or call 1800 444 567.

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