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Survive your family caravan holiday

Travelling with your whole family in a caravan is a huge decision to make. It won’t be the same as living in your house and staying sane and friendly can prove quite a challenge.

1. Ensure you have bought/ hired the correct size caravan or campervan

When buying or hiring your caravan/campervan, you need to ensure it is the right one for the size of your family. Due to it being quite a large expense, you want to enjoy your time on your holiday, and not regret your decision. The quality and range of caravans and campervans has improved dramatically in the past years with them now featuring loungeroom areas, more cupboard and storage space. If space is important to you, it might pay to go a size bigger than originally thought. For example, get a 5 berth for a family of 5.

2. Plan smaller journeys

When in the planning stages of your trip, ensure that you aren’t biting off more than you can chew. Instead of travelling 10 hrs a day, cut this down to 5 or 6 and stop for a night or two. This will allow everyone to get out of the car and caravan and settle down and give the kids a chance to run around, meet some people and use up all their energy.

3. Spend time apart from each other

When you do stop for the night, ensure that you do spend time doing something alone. Whether that be sit outside and read, or send the kids out to play. The importance of this is to get out of the confined spaces and enjoy your holiday. It may only be about half an hr, but this time can refresh and relax you ready for the next day.

4. Be considerate

 When in such small spaces, it is vital that you are more considerate of others and respect their space. Your holiday will be much more enjoyable if you are more considerate towards people when sleeping, or just giving them space when they need it. This can save arguments and everyone’s sanity.

5. Colour Code all belongings

With so many people in one small area, there will be double the amount of belongings. The way to make sure that everyone is cleaning up their things, and to remove the fight of who’s is who’s, is to colour code the items. This may be time consuming at the beginning, but will save many arguments throughout your holiday


And MOST importantly…. Enjoy your holiday and spending time with your family. There may be moments of irritability and stress, but its a perfect opportunity to becoming closer as a family and see the world!

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