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Stay sane while travelling with children

Travelling with children isn’t as easy and carefree as they were pre-baby, but it may become even harder with a infant or young children.

1. Come armed with their favourite snacks

Always have a stash of their favourite low mess snacks, this can cure boredom eating and stopping for more meals during the trip. It will also reduce costs by not having to buy them on the go.

2. Technology is your friend

Portable DVD Players or load your phone with Apps is the way to entertain young children in this day and age. This can keep them quiet for hours, giving you the time you need to concentrate on driving, or give others on the plane/bus a bit of peace and quiet.

3. If flying, use direct flights, or longer layovers

There is nothing worse than having a short stop over and not giving the kids a time to rest, run around and eat. Although it takes you longer to get to your destination, make use of the availability of longer layovers and save everyone the drama of an overtired and bored kid/s.

4. Ensure your destination is child friendly

Where you stay is very important to the work vacation for parents. If you are staying somewhere that is not exactly suitable for children, you may be in trouble. Make sure you stay somewhere that is great for kids, eg: Caravan Parks or places near playgrounds. This will allow you to relax, while also supervising your kid/s.

5. Keep plans to a minimum

Don’t make plans or pay deposits for too many activities while on holidays with young children as they may have a different idea of how the day may go. Unhappy or sick children can change the day and you don’t want to be losing too much money on cancelled plans. You also need days to relax and enjoy your holiday. Spend a day by the pool or beach for example

6. Bring a treat for yourself

When your kid/kids are sleeping, what can you treat yourself with? Always make sure you have thought about this so you don’t miss the opportunity. Sometimes this is as easy as reading a book with some wine.

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