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Reasons to holiday on the beach

When planning a holiday, why not make a sea change? There are many great reasons to stay on the beach for your next holiday, but here is our top 4.

1/ Swimming in the ocean

For some people, swimming in the ocean is something they don’t do often. With waves sand and a different feel than a pool, the beach is a great place to spend the day. Be safe though, know your limits and check for lifeguards.

2/ Spectacular sunsets

Some of the best sunsets are over the ocean. Take this time to sit back relax with loved ones and enjoy the beauty of the sun slowly sinking away for the night.

3/ Great walking tracks

Here at Adelaide Shores, not only can you walk or run along the beach, but there is a coastal boardwalk path that will lead you along the beach to either Glenelg or Henley Beach. This can be used as a way of transport, or the perfect place to exercise while on holidays.

4/ Relax

Laying on the beach, under an umbrella, with a book, or simply do nothing. It’s the perfect way to unwind and relax while listening to the sound of the ocean.


Book your next beach holiday at Adelaide Shores Now and enjoy the joys of the ocean.

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