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Make your Easter Vacation a Breeze

Even though it seems like the kids have only just gone back to school, school holidays and Easter holidays will come up very quickly. We have gathered a few tips to make travelling this Easter and School Holidays a little bit easier.

  1. Book Early

Booking early is key for peak periods like Easter and School Holidays. Once school holidays is close, or has begun, there is a rush of last minute bookings. To ensure that you get the cabin or site that you wish, and maybe even a better price, make sure you book well in advance. By leaving it to the last minute, your plans may have to move dates, location or be in a spot that you don’t love.

  1. Be flexible

By keeping your dates flexible, you are more than likely able to get a great deal. By keeping your options open, you may be able to score that extra saving, or upgraded room/cabin. For example, Sunday nights tend to be cheaper than Saturday Nights.

  1. Pick a family friendly accommodation

School holidays mean that kids want to do things. Eliminate the boredom by choosing to stay somewhere with outdoor facilities. This is where Adelaide Shores can help. Both the Caravan Park and Resort are packed full of kid friendly activities, as well as direct beach access. Nothing is worse than being in a tiny motel room, trying to entertain the kids, while actually trying to relax.

  1. Kids entertainment in the car

If you need to travel for your holiday, then keeping the kids entertained in the car is essential for your sanity. Each kid may be different, but below we have suggested some ideas to put the fights, irritability and the dreaded “are we there yet?” at bay. Ideas include:

  • Portable DVD players
  • iPads
  • Always have snacks in the car
  • Let the kids help plan the rest stops to make them feel involved
  • Colouring in or activity books
  1. Buy eggs in advance

Just imagine, it’s a few days before Easter, you head to the shops and there isn’t much chocolate left, so you just have to get whatever is in the shop. To ensure that you are getting the kids favourite chocolate, your favourite chocolate, and even the best deal, make sure you aren’t leaving this purchase to the last minute. Although this will take a bit of hiding from the kids, a bag in the bottom of the esky will probably do, until you get to your destination. Another bonus is, you get to skip the crowds at the supermarket.

  1. Leave early

Public Holidays and School Holidays are notorious for busy roads. To try and beat these crowds, leave bright and early in the morning. This will not only give you (well hopefully) an easier drive to your destination, but also allow a few extra hours of holiday time.

If you still haven’t thought of your School Holiday plans, then Adelaide Shores is ready to help. We still have some fantastic availability over April and will ensure that your kids are busy and entertained the whole time.

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