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Make packing for your holiday stress-free

When heading away on holiday, whether by yourself, with a partner or with your family, packing your suitcase is the one thing that stresses most people out. We have come up with the top 3 tips for ensuring that you leave the house prepared.

1.Never trust the weather

No matter what season it is, the weather can take a turn and leave you unprepared.

Always take a set of clothes for each season so that if you experience a windy and rainy day in the middle of summer, you aren’t stuck outside in shorts and a singlet. This can also save you money and time as you aren’t running around looking for new clothes, or spending the day inside because you don’t have any wet weather gear.

2. Lay everything out before packing

We are all culprits of over packing, especially the ladies. We have all said the lines “but I need options” and “what if I don’t like that on the day”. The way you can stop this is to lay all the items you wish to pack on the bed/floor and then decide on how many clothes you need depending on the type and time of the holiday. This is the time where you should aim to cut your packing down by 1/3. Remember, you will shop on holidays and need room to bring it all home.

3. Just Roll

Packing is similar to a game of Tetris, how can you fit the most in, but still have space for shopping. The answer is Just Roll.  Tightly rolling clothes into compact pieces allows for much tighter packing that fits more items into the suitcase. This technique will also allow you to find clothing more easily as you do not have to pull out all the folded clothes on top first. It’s really a win-win.

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