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Make Friends while at Adelaide Shores

Some of the best memories of your family holiday are the friends you make. With being in environments such as Caravan Parks, which have communal kitchens, pools and BBQ areas, there are endless possibilities to meet fellow travelers.

For children, the ability to make friends comes easily, and is often a rewarding experience that increases the fun on their holiday. As an adult, this may be a bit harder.

 Talk to your neighbours

The easiest way to make friends is to talk to the people in the caravan/cabin beside you. Permitting these people are also out to make friends, you could get to know each other by having a BBQ together, or letting your kids play and explore together.

Meet the parents of the friends your kids make

Kids are always going to run off, play and make new friends, no matter where they are in the Caravan Park. It is a good idea to make the effort to meet the parents of the new friends, as they will most likely be spending time with them for the rest of your stay.

Stay in touch

If you do make great friends while on holidays, make sure you stay in touch. Facebook is a great way to do this. If you are travelling in a peak season, the people you made friends with are likely to return the following year. What better way to grow your friendship than continuing to holiday together.

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