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Important tips for purchasing a used caravan

Buying a caravan can be quite an expensive purchase, which is why the same thought as buying a car needs to be put into picking your used caravan.

Not only is it important to pre-plan what type of caravan and features you would like, but you must also understand what areas to check to ensure you aren’t purchasing a ‘lemon’.

We have developed a few key ideas to consider before you buy.

1. What to take with you

  • Notepad: This is to ensure that all details that are given to you when looking at the van are remembered in your decision making phase.
  • Phone or Camera: Taking photos is the best way to remember certain parts of the van.
  • A torch: This is to check areas that are a bit harder to see, eg: underneath the van.

2. Check all essential information

To make sure that you have all the information that you require, ensure that you ask these few questions:

  • How old is the van?
  • Has there been any troubles previously?
  • Have you had it repaired in any way
  • Did you buy this van brand new or used?
  • Can you provide me details of its service history?

3. Check inside and outside thoroughly

  • Is there any rust, dents or scratches?
  • What condition are the tires and axels?
  • Do doors and windows open, shut, lock and unlock properly
  • Is all gas and electrical components in good working order?
  • Do all appliances work?
  • Is there any dampness?


Once you have seen the van, and determined whether it is in the right condition, you are able to make a well informed decision about your purchase.



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