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How to teach your kids to share

When you are travelling, you may not be able to bring enough toys to entertain the kids. The solution is to bring a select few and they share (I know, that dreaded word usually means tears and tantrums).

If your children are young, there are some ways to introduce them to sharing to help eliminate those tantrums (while also teaching them a great life lesson)


1. Set an example

Children look up to their parents to learn, so the most important thing to do is show them how to behave. Teaching them to share could be as simple as, “Do you want to share this biscuit with me?” or “I found this toy, want to play with it with me?”

2. Make it easy

When teaching your child to share, start with something small. Never use their favourite toy or most precious possessions as kids do need something that is JUST theirs. The easiest way to do this is to hide it away if visitors are coming over, or if you have more than one child, make sure each child has at least one favourite toy that they don’t have to share.

3. Praise and congratulate

Always praise children for doing something right during the learning stages. Make sure you take notice of good behaviour, not just bad behaviour.

Saying ‘I like the way you shared’, or ‘thank you for sharing with you sister/brother’ can make a huge difference.

4. Use a timer

Kids will always want to play with the same toy. To save arguments, tell each child they have 10 minutes to play with the toy and then they must share. This makes it fair, and the kids have something to be excited about.

5. Take it away

If all else fails, take the toy away. Kids will quickly realise that if they learn to share, they can have their toy back.

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