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How to stay healthy while travelling

“I really need to lose weight after that trip.” Who hasn’t said something like this after a holiday? When traveling, trying new foods, and exploring new places, it’s completely natural to treat yourself to a little more than you normally would (and you should!)  Instead of stressing about it all, we’ve put together a few easy steps that will keep you healthy while travelling.

1. Don’t forget the water

There may be more soft drinks, or even a little more alcohol, but keeping your hydration up, even more than when you are home, will keep you feeling great, and even curve that potential hangover. Having a reusable one on hand can also save you a bit of money as well.

2. Exercise

You may feel as if your holiday can be a break from your exercise routine, but lowering the intensity and even just going for a walk, can really help with detoxing, and also returning to training when you finish your holiday. At Adelaide Shores, you are lucky to have a beach to exercise on, as well as stairs, and a beach path that runs through some of Adelaide’s best beaches. BIG4 Adeladie Shores Caravan Park also have a partnership with Anytime Fitness Glenelg which allows you to do more of your normal routine, or exercise in the colder/wetter weather. Make sure you ask reception about these special rates when you arrive.

3. Indulge, but not all the time

It’s definitely easier to eat quick and unhealthy meals while on holiday. Let yourself indulge, but also have some of your meals that are quite nutritious. Adelaide Shores cabins are all fully self contained with fridges and cooking facilities, as well as public BBQ’s and seating areas that allow you to cook up a great meal, and enjoy it with the family.

4. Keep snacks on hand

Having a stock of snacks in a bag, or in the car will stop the quick drive thru stop when the hunger hits. This could be as easy as some museli bars, fruit, etc.

5. Sleep

No matter where we are, sleep is one of life’s most important things. When holidaying, you are usually doing more than when you are at home. eg: commutes, carrying luggage and sight seeing. You want to make sure you area getting enough rest so that you don’t miss out on anything, or even worse, get sick.

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