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How to stay healthy on Holidays

It’s a known fact, we all let loose a little bit when on holidays.

Alcohol, take away and eating out are usually consumed more while on holidays, but there is a way to stay on track if you are trying to be healthy.

The perfect way to stay healthy is to stay in Self-Contained Accommodation.

Having your own large fridge and kitchen is the perfect way to stay healthy. You can buy a lot of food at the beginning of of your holiday and store it without any issues. Having cutlery crockery, ovens and microwaves etc is the perfect motivation to stay on track. This will also allow you to make salads or stock ingredients needed for sandwiches etc for the whole family. These ingredients often will make a few meals, which in turn, will allow more money for those little treats you deserve.

Quick and easy meals are the perfect menu for being on holidays, so that you are not spending all of your day in the kitchen- Stirfry, cereals, salads and BBQ’s are perfect options for your holiday

Most Caravan Parks have communal BBQ areas that are the perfect way to ‘eat out’. The feeling of being outside and away from the caravan/cabin can be a great change of scenery. This is also an easy solution for cooking for a whole family, or a group of friends

At BIG4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park or Adelaide Shores Resort, whether you’re in a self-contained cabin with your own kitchen or you’re camping and making use of the camp kitchen, you’ll have access to ovens, microwaves, grills, and cooking utensils. Make the most of it

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