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How to keep cool this Summer.

With the temperatures climbing, and the hair is let down, Summer is a great time to celebrate with friends and family, but it is important to remain safe and healthy during the heat.

1/ Stay Hydrated

Maybe the most important way to stay cool is to stay hydrated. During the Summer and School holiday months, more alcohol, soft drinks and frozen cokes etc may be consumed, but you must ensure the majority of your daily liquid intake is water. Water will prevent dehydration and illness involved with heat exhaustion.

2/ Seek Shade

When you can, it is best to seek shade under a tree, on a verandah, under shade sails or under an umbrella. This will allow you to rest, help protect your skin and also cool off if you’ve been out in the sun

3/Slip, Slop. Slap

We have been brought up with this and it is still as important. To protect your skin during Summer festivities, it is important to slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat. Keeping sunburn away can not only improve your holiday, but also keep you cooler.

4/ Utilize Swimming Pools, Beaches etc

If you have traveled away, most places will have a swimming pool, or if you are staying at Adelaide Shores, we have pools, along with direct access to the beach. Head down to one of these and have a swim to cool down, while also having a great time. It is vital to remember the previous 3 points as you will be out in the sun.

5/ Have time indoors

Spend some time indoors after long periods of time outside. Sit inside with a fan or air conditioner, and relax to ensure your body temperature gets back to normal. This can help alleviate dehydration and heat exhaustion.


By sticking to these 5 steps, your Summer festivities can continue without pain, sickness or time away from the fun.


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