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Holidaying with unexpected bad weather

With Adelaide being lashed with some pretty terrible weather during the Summer, those camping, and those with outdoor plans can become stressed or upset easily.

It is important to expect all kinds of weather. After all, you can’t control the weather, but you can adapt to it.

1. Check weather reports

Keep up to date with weather sites to ensure you know of any severe weather warnings that have been issued, and when to prepare for rainfall.

2. Make back up plans

If you’re expecting rain and have an outdoor activity plan, make sure you think of an indoor back up, so you aren’t left with nothing to do for the day. There are many places around Adelaide that can provide a day/night time of fun while staying out of the wet.

3. Keep valuables and necessary clothes in car during rain

When rain is expected, make sure you don’t leave any electronics or valuables

4. Ensure tent is securely pegged to the ground

There would be nothing worse than loosing your tent with a bit of wind. Make sure it is securely pegged to the ground. Having a waterproof tent could also provide much better protection.

5. Test your camping equipment before you leave

You don’t want to get to your campsite and realise something important doesn’t work. Make you sure erect your tent, and check lights, stove tops etc, to ensure you wont be rushing around trying to find a replacement once you arrive.

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