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Getting the best out of your Group Holiday

Whether you are part of a sporting group, community group or a large family/friend group, travelling together can be hard work.

To ensure that your group holiday runs smoothly, and suits everyone’s needs, these things should be taken into consideration. With a dedicated Group and Event Sales Team, Adelaide Shores can develop a tailored package to suit your needs and budget.

  1. Does the accommodation suit the group?

The nature of the group is a major thing to explain when you are booking group accommodation is the nature of the trip. If it is a sporting or school trip, a large bunk style accommodation would be more suitable for children, or if it was a family reunion, a range of cabins may be more suitable for separate families. Some things to take into consideration when booking are:

  • Are the cabins easily accessible for disabled or elderly people, eg: stairs or small cabins may not be suitable
  • A group of singles may not want to share a king size bed and need to get a cabin where this bed can be split
  • A family type cabin with both king and bunk beds may be suitable if kids are involved, but not suitable for a group of adults as the bunk beds may not be long enough.

Bunkhousegroup of cabins

  1. Is there facilities to keep any kids entertained

If travelling with kids, there would be nothing worse than hearing “I’m Bored”. When considering locations for your group holiday, it is important that there are facilities that can entertain any kids. At Adelaide Shores, kids are spoilt for choice with SplashZone jumping pillows, heated swimming pools, tennis courts, Leisure Centre/Games Room, go kart hire, beach volleyball courts and more. Keeping kids entertained could ensure that your holiday is less stressful and enjoyable for all involved.

kids facilitiesr pool

  1. Make sure all people stay together.

It is always easier if the entire group can stay at the same place. Being able to walk out of your cabin and meet up with everyone will save a lot of time in comparison to waiting for people to make the journey from their accommodation. At Adelaide Shores, we can ensure that your group is located as close together as possible, and even all in the same room, eg: BunkHouse or Dorm, if that’s what you have requested.

Saving time is not the only bonus of this, taxi fares or car pools can be shared amongst all as everyone is heading back to the same place at the end of day/night.


Wanting to enquire about a Group Booking?


Click here to see accommodation options or email groups@adelaideshores.com.au and we can give you a call.

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