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Common mistakes when camping

Camping can be a great way to unwind, explore and spend quality time with friends and family. Even the most seasoned campers, however, can sometimes make mistakes that can turn an otherwise enjoyable outing into a difficult situation.

Whether you are setting up in a caravan park, or where free camping is available, its best to avoid making these common mistakes:

1. Not testing your equipment before you leave

You should always test your equipment, (ie: tents, lights, bbq etc) to ensure that it is in working order, so that if there is a problem, you have the time and availability of fixing or replacing before arriving at your destination. There is nothing worse than getting to your camp site and realising you wont be able to use something. Practising how to put up your tent wont hurt either.

2. Not telling anyone where you are going

This is more so for the campers who use free camping spots. By not telling anyone where you are heading, in the case of unfortunate trouble, it’s imperative to give a friend or family member your itinerary.

It’s also a good idea to make arrangements to contact someone every so often just so they’ll know you’re still safe.

3. Not preparing for all sorts of weather

The weather can change quickly, (especially in South Australia as we have seen), so not matter what the weather forecast says, always pack clothes and equipment for unexpected weather changes. This is most important in warmer weather, where it may get cold, or wet during your trip.

4. Being unprepared

You should always make a list of all essential items that you will require while camping. This includes: matches, batteries for lights, mallet for tent pegs, insect repellent etc)

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