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Beginning your first Caravanning Holiday

You’ve just gone through the exciting and sometimes stressful time of buying your first caravan, now it’s time for the holiday.

Driving a car is a lot different to driving a car with a caravan in tow, so we have developed the top 5 tips to ensure your caravanning holiday runs smoothly.

  1. Take it easy

Think back to your past holidays and thinking, “why do I always get stuck behind a caravan?’

The answer is; because they are taking care on the road, or they are newbies as well. Just remember, although it’s safer and cheaper on fuel to travel at a slower speed; please be aware of other motorists.

  1. Plan your trip

Travelling long distances means that overnight accommodation will be needed.

Before your departure, have a plan on where you would like to stop overnight and possibly book a room to save any troubles on arrival. Big4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park has a wide range of caravan sites to suit any caravanner’s budget or desires.

  1. Make a checklist

You’ve never travelled with a caravan in tow before, so you are unlikely to have the items needed to make it safe and secure. Make sure you have done your research to ensure you have all the essentials before you depart.

These include: fire extinguisher, wheel chooks, caravan jack, sway control device, towing mirrors and spare oil and coolant. These will allow your journey to be much smoother and ensure the safety of you and others on the road.

  1. Be prepared for confined spaces

Whether it is as a couple, or a family, there will not be a lot of time to move in the caravan, so personal space will be compromised. Ensure that you give everyone else in the caravan the space they need when allowable. There’s nothing worse than strained relationships in the middle of a holiday.

  1. Work as a team

Reversing a caravan isn’t on the list of ‘easy things to pick up’.

Ensure that you enlist the help of your partner, family or other caravanners in the park to help you do this. It will save a lot of time, stress and damage to your caravan, and any surround caravan park property.

If possible, practice at home before you leave, it may save you a bit of embarrassment.

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