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5 Top Camping Hacks

Camping can be the greatest holiday, or the most stressful, depending on how you prepare for the trip.

Although each camper may have their favourite hack to make their trip, that little bit easier, here are 5 that we love!

1. Pack everything into a container

To save the stress of losing something, or not knowing where you put it, pack everything in labelled containers. For example: Have one large box for all kitchen supplies.

This not only helps you find things, but also makes more space in the car, and ensure pack up is a lot easier.


2. Plan super easy meals

When camping, whether in the open, or at a caravan park, having easier meal ideas means cooking time doesn’t have to be difficult. It is best to buy things that can last for the length of your stay, and that can cooked easily. For example, BBQ meat, tacos (only have to cook meat) and cooked meals that you only have to reheat. This time saver also allows for more activities and relaxation on your holiday.


3. Good Coffee

This one is for the parents. Bring a stove top kettle or espresso machine so your day can start right.


4. Gladbags/Ziplock bags

This relates back to the food issue. Glad bags are great to put opened packets of food into before placing into the esky. This stops the food becoming wet, soggy and inedible. They are also great for if you need to take food on the go.


5. Night Lights

We did see this on Pinterest, but its a great idea. Purchase some glow in the dark tape and put onto your stairs to assist with entering and exiting your caravan at night time


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